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Tamahli offers a wide variety of traditional, sweet, banana leaf wrapped and gourmet tamales. All our tamales are hand wrapped and made fresh everyday with top of the line ingredients. The chiles and spices are blended to perfection and the corn masa is freshly grounded every morning.

We also offer a wide array of other traditional Mexican cuisine foods which are manufactured with our same high standards and many of them continue to be made completely by hand which gives our products their artisanal character.

Aztecs concocted tamales long before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores and they prepared this wonderful food for special events and ceremonies. They referred to tamales as "tamalli" which means "wrapped up" from which "tamahli" was derived since it coincides with the American pronunciation of "tamale" and it reminds us that "we put the ahh... in tamales"; hence, the melding of both worlds. We are a company that focuses on creating all kinds of top of the line tamales and a variety of other fine Mexican specialty foods.

Our goal is to offer a superior product, which is intrinsically labor intensive at a reasonable price. We strive to give our customers a delectable experience in which they can discover new flavors, textures and aromas reminiscent of an old tradition.